Perlite Conveying Equipment

Based on our years of experience, Silbrico can custom design perlite conveying equipment to fit virtually any production need. Whether it be unloading rail cars of raw ore or gently conveying fragile expanded material, Silbrico has the dedicated staff and facilities needed to solve those everyday problems. We offer the following standard transporters for conveying expanded perlite.

Perlite Weight Transporter Conveys a weighed amount of fine expanded perlite from a silo, rail car, etc. to your use point at a rate of 100 lbs. per min. @ 8 lbs. per cubic foot density. Weight chamber holds up to 44 cubic feet Transporter  
Twin Transfer Chamber Continuously and gently conveys fine expanded perlite at rates up to 1400 cubic feet per hr (40 cubic meters per hr). Silbrico
Twin 10" Conveying Pump Compact unit conveys fine expanded perlite continuously and gently at rates up to 500 cubic feet per hr (14 cubic meters per hr). Silbrico