Portable Perlite Expander

Silbrico's Portable Perlite Expanding system is specially designed for producing light density cryogenic perlite insulation. The system includes all components necessary to expand properly sized perlite ore, separate the expanded perlite from the exhaust gasses, and convey the perlite into the vessel to be insulated. The exhaust gasses are bag filtered to meet all environmental regulations.

Collector Baghouse &
Convery Line
Portable Baghouse
Increased Portability
Today's units are
more modular for
even quicker setup
and teardown.

Easily Shippable
A portable unit fits
in a 40 ft. open-top
container and
assembles in less
than 3 hours.
Furnace UnitPortable
Portable Electrical
Furnace Control Panel
Collector & Converying
Fan & Duct
Portable Fan
Punp Assembly
Pump Assembly