Sil-Kleer Filter Powder

For the swimming pool owner who wants crystal-clear water with minimum effort and cost, Silbrico Corporation presents SIL-KLEER Filter Powder. This filter medium offers excellent benefits over diatomaceous earth.

  1. Non-Toxic/ Non-Hazardous
    SIL-KLEER, unlike the other filter media, is a non-toxic volcanic glass mineral powder
    with less than 1/10th of 1% free silica.
  2. Excellent Clarity
    SIL-KLEER gives cleaner, brighter, more sparkling pool waters.
  3. Inert & Neutral
    SIL-KLEER is chemically inert and neutral, pH-6.8 to 7.2 with practically zero solubility.
  4. Lightweight - Easier to Handle
    SIL-KLEER is lighter and easier to handle and use. One 10 pound bag of SIL-KLEER is equal
    in volume and performance to one 25 pound bag of diatomaceous earth.
  5. Improved Backwashing
    Because of the physical characteristics of SIL-KLEER, the cake is not mud-like and
    backwashes off the filter cloth or screen more completely. The SIL-KLEER cake flushes
    out of the filter without clogging pipes or drains.
  6. Optimum Porosity
    SIL-KLEER is a volcanic glass mineral, produced by thermal expansion of highest-quality
    volcanic deposits. Carefully controlled processing produces microscopic, sharp, irregular
    particles with required void spaces for optimum porosity characteristics ideally suited for
    swimming pool filtration.
  7. SIL-KLEER Precoats Evenly
    Because of the lightweight characteristics of SIL-KLEER, the particles are easily suspended
    in the water to distribute and precoat more evenly.
  8. Excellent Cycles
    SIL-KLEER has optimum particle size distribution to give excellent filtration cycles with excellent clarities.
  9. More Economical
    SIL-KLEER substitutes for diatomaceous earth on an equal volume basis; use of SIL-KLEER
    saves 50 percent of the weight of diatomaceous earth.

Filter Area
Sq. Ft.
Pounds of
Maximum Number of
1-lb. Coffee Cans
1/4 lb.
1/2 lb.
1 lb.
2 lb.

NOTE: Body feeding of SIL-KLEER is suggested to maximize filter cycles.