Industrial Perlites For Insulation


Ryolex is our brand of expanded perlites we refer to as macroparticles. These coarser particles are produced by heating crushed perlite between 1600 and 1800 F, causing the particles to expand 4 to 20 times due to the vaporizing of water in the rock. This expansion accounts for Ryolex’s light weight and other exceptional physical properties.


Ryolex is ideal for loose-fill insulation, as it easily pours into odd-shaped spaces and can reduce heat transmissions of masonry walls by 50% or more.

Its many insulation applications include:

  • Loose-fill masonry
  • Cinderblock walls
  • Under slab
  • Chimney lining
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Cryogenic
  • High temperature


Once exposed to rapid, controlled heating, the expanded perlite takes on a foam-like structure of microscopic glass bubbles that contain a multi-cellular core. These clusters of glass bubbles have many unique qualities that offer great advantages in industrial uses. In addition to being lightweight, Ryolex is non-toxic, non-combustible, naturally insulating, and can safely be used over a wide range of temperatures.

Perlite Benefits

  • Significant energy savings when used in concrete masonry
  • Increases R-Value
  • Decreases U-Value
  • Shrink and/or crack resistance as a filler
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Efficient, low-density insulator

    Chemical Analysis

    SiO2Silicon Dioxide73%

    Al2O3Aluminum Oxide17%

    K20Potassium Oxide5%

    Na20Sodium Oxide3%

    CaOCalcium Oxide1%

    Trace Elements1%

    Physical Properties

    Hydroscopic Moisture 0%

    Surface pH 6.5-7.5

    Color White

    Fusion Point (°F) 2300

    Fusion Point (°C) 1260

    Trace Elements

    Manganese< 0.3%
    Sulfur< 0.2%
    Titanium< 0.1%
    Barium< 0.1%
    Gallium< 0.05%
    Boron< 0.01%
    Chromium< 0.0075%
    Zirconium< 0.003%
    Molybdenum< 0.002%
    Nickel< 0.002%
    Copper< 0.0015%
    Lead< 0.001%*
    Arsenic< 0.001%
    Chlorine< 0.0005%

    All analyses are shown in elemental form even though the actual forms present are mixed glassy silicates. Free Silica may be present in small amounts, characteristic of the particular ore body.

    *By Food Chemicals Codex Method

    R- and U-Values for Concrete Block
    Assemblies With and Without Perlite

    Block SizeBlock TypePerlite FillR-ValueU-Value
    6 in. (15cm)LightweightNo2.590.39
    8 in. (20cm)LightweightNo2.860.35
    10 in. (25cm)LightweightNo3.060.33
    12 in. (30cm)LightweightNo3.110.32
    6 in. (15cm)HeavyweightNo1.800.56
    8 in. (20cm)HeavyweightNo1.960.51
    10 in. (25cm)HeavyweightNo2.080.48
    12 in. (30cm)HeavyweightNo2.140.47

    Thermal Resistance Values for
    Veneer and Vavity Wall Calculations

    R Values
    R Values
    (K-m2 /W)
    Outside Air Firm0.170.03
    Common Brick (w/holes)0.200.04
    Face Brick (no holes)0.440.08
    Air Space in Cavity 3/4 to 4 in (19-102 mm)0.970.17
    1 inch (2.5mm) cavity filled w/ perlite3.120.55
    2 inch (5.1mm) cavity filled w/ perlite6.251.10
    3 inch (7.7mm) cavity filled w/ perlite9.381.65
    4 inch (10.3mm) cavity filled w/ perlite12.52.20
    Reflective Air Space3.080.54
    Furring (nonreflective air space)1.010.18
    Gypsum or Plaster Board 1/2 inch (13 mm)0.450.08
    Gypsum or Plaster Board 5/8 inch (16 mm)0.560.10
    Gypsum or Plaster Board 5/8 inch (16 mm)0.560.10
    Inside Air Film0.680.12

    1. R-Values with units ft2-hr-°F/Btu were calculated using the Isothermal Planes Method described in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. The U-Values with units Btu/ft2-gr-°F is the reciprocal of the R-Value. The R-Values and U-Values include interior and exterior air-film resistances that total R 0.85.

    2. R-Values are based on apparent thermal conductivity for loose-fill perlite of 0.32 Btu/ft2-gr-°F, thermal conductivity of 2.97 Btu/ft2-gr-°F for light-weight concrete and 8.93 Btu/ft2-gr-°F for normal-weight concrete.

    3. Block Density: Lightweight block nominal - 85 lbs/ft3 (1.36 kg/l); Heavyweight block nominal - 135 lbs/ft3 (2.15 kg/l)

    4. RSI = R/5.678

    Approximate Perlite Masonry Block Loose-Fill Coverage: By Area*

    Core Fill: Block SizeCavity Fill: Cavity Width
    Wall Area ft2 (m2)6 INCH (15cm)8 INCH (20cm)12 INCH (30cm)1 INCH (2.5cm)2 INCH (5cm)3 INCH (7.5cm)
    1,000 (93)4665118214262

    Approximate Perlite Masonry Block Loose-Fill Coverage: By Block Count*

    12-INCH (30cm) BLOCK10-INCH (25cm) BLOCK8-INCH (20cm) BLOCK6-INCH (15cm) BLOCK
    Number of Blocks Filled9131723
    1-INCH (2.5cm) CAVITY1.5-INCH (3.9cm) CAVITY2-INCH (5.1cm) CAVITY2.5-INCH (6.4cm) CAVITY
    Square Feet of Wall Filled48322419

    Adjust coverage to compensate for filled/reinforced cavities.