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Perlite since 1946

Unparalleled Knowledge

Silbrico has been providing consistent, high-quality perlite and perlite products for more than 70 years. Our knowledge and expertise has been driven by our constant pursuit of new and better ways to use perlite. It’s our passion and we love partnering with our customers to improve their businesses with the many advantages of Silbrico Perlite.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At our state-of-the-art facilities, we use the most innovative expansion technology to develop Silbrico Perlite. Our proprietary capabilities allow us to specifically adjust product characteristics to the exact needs of our customers.

cutting-edge-technology cutting-edge-technology

Quality Control

We use stringent quality control procedures to develop our complete range of high-performance, environmentally friendly perlite products. If it’s not up to our Silbrico standards, it doesn’t go out the door. In fact, we guarantee your complete satisfaction through every phase of our operation.

Personal Service

We work closely with you from concept to production to ensure we always deliver quality products that meet your specific requirements. From our attentive salespeople and problem-solving technical experts, to our interactive research and development team and hands-on management, you’ll receive the top-quality service customers have come to expect from Silbrico.

personal-service personal-service

Silbrico-ized Solutions

We have a saying among our team here: “Let’s Silbrico-ize it!” What it means is that we approach every challenge as an opportunity to improve upon the product or process at hand. We think long and hard about the possibilities and get pretty excited about the outcomes. Because a Silbrico-ized solution is something we celebrate.

Success Stories

A construction company needed to solve a major weight issue with the building materials they were using for a multi-unit condo project. We engineered the perfect perlite grades to use in place of the sand and other heavier aggregates in their concrete and plaster mixes. As a result, they reduced weights, achieved better insulation and fire protection, and saved money.

While developing a liquid cleanser, a consumer goods company came to us in need of a non-toxic abrasive agent. Perlite is a natural abrasive, but the challenge was in creating a fine enough grade that was not too abrasive. Such a fine grade didn’t exist, so our engineers jumped at the opportunity and created the finest grade of perlite ever. That grade is now known as Silbrico’s exclusive Sil-Cell.

Spray foam insulation is petroleum based and over time will deteriorate, melt and ultimately end up as petroleum goo in landfills. Wanting no part of that, our eco-friendly clients across industries have been switching to loose-fill perlite insulation, which is all natural and will never deteriorate. It also has better R-Values and is more cost-effective than spray foam.

The problem with using clay in cat litter is that it’s heavy and turns to sludge when wet. Our client knew that perlite would create the perfect mix because it is naturally lightweight and absorbent. The challenge was in finding the right perlite for the job. We tested over a dozen different ores to determine which ores met their specific needs. When our expanded perlite was added to the litter, it absorbed the moisture, left the clay unaffected, and cut the weight in half.

The chemicals from highways and roadways wash off the side into the grass and ultimately in our water. To help our client solve this pollution problem, we utilized specially treated perlite to make better use of roadside berms. The perlite added to the soil acted as both a filter aid to trap the chemicals and also as a growing medium for healthy grass and trees. Perlite’s superior drainage capabilities also helped control storm water run-off.

Silbrico perlite is a key ingredient in cleaning wastewater using bags of willow trees growing in perlite. Research shows that this PhAGR™ cell irrigation treatment significantly removes nitrogen and pathogens. Following 3 years of treatment, polluted lagoon water was restored to legal discharge standards set by the state’s Department of Natural Resources at the rate of 18 gallons per square foot per day. At these rates, it is estimated the capital cost is reduced by over 50% and the energy expended is reduced by over 70% compared to other treatments allowed by the state.

Photo courtesy of Ecolotree